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An Uplifting Journey Of History & Tradition

Located on the edge of Crete’s north east coastal town of Malia, Cretan Malia Park is ideally situated for the island’s most picturesque charms. A beachside location buttressed by rugged mountains, the locale presents a well-placed base camp from which to explore the island — or to simply bask in the beauty of this corner of Crete.

Surrounded by nature, the landscape is defined by the clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea, rolling pastoral hills and expansive stretches of olive trees, which all combine to form an image of Greek fantasy come to life. The birthplace of the Minoans and the father of both gods and men, Zeus, Crete’s present-day façade is inextricably entrenched in its storied history; a synergy evidenced routinely across Malia and beyond.

Crete is more than just another Greek island, but a substantial land in its own right.

Its radiance is created by the supreme extremes of the nature: the sharp rugged mountains meeting openly with clear seas, but also its deep connection with the history. The birthplace of the first European civilization – the Minoans – and the legendary Olympian Zeus, all offer fascinating evidence of Crete’s historic power and influence. Exploring a small village, hike on secret path or swim in an abandoned beach are truly authentic & unforgettable experiences. Crete is the ideal place for an uplifting journey of pure bliss, serenity, and reconnection with pristine nature.

Cuisine Is Central To The Cretan Way Of Life — A Fact Recognized In The Island’s UNESCO-Protected Food Heritage.

Cuisine is central to the Cretan way of life; that profound wellbeing brought about by lots of sunshine, outdoor living, fresh vegetables, olive oil and wine, pulses, dairy from lamb and goat milk- dates back to ancient, Minoan Crete.

Spinalonga Islet
The isle of Spinalonga lies peacefully in the Gulf of Elounda. The site has always been a major attraction for visitors. For centuries it was an inland fortress, then a leper colony in the first half of the 20th century. A beautiful and moving experience. The island hosts a wonderful amalgamation of Medieval Venetian and Turkish buildings and turn-of-the-century Greek houses. On a small scale, its history and architecture – marked by subsequent invasions – reflects the history of Crete itself.
Local Attractions

Elounda: 35 km from the resort
Aghios Nikolaos: 27 km from the resort
Fourni Village: 21 km from the resort
Neapoli - Vassilakis Estate: 14 km from the resort
Voulisma beach: 39 km from the resort
Lassithi Plateau: 29 km from the resort
Knossos: 40 km from the resort
Kritsa Village: 36 km from the resort
Vai Beach: 116 km from the resort
Toplou Monastery: 107 km from the resort
Malia Village: 2 km from the resort
Malia Minoan Palace: 2 km from the resort
Sissi Village: 7 km from the resort
Milatos Village: 11 km from the resort
Stalis Village: 5 km from the resort
Port of Chersonissos: 11 km from the resort
Old Chersonissos Village: 14 km from the resort
Koutouloufari Village: 10 km from the resort
Crete Golf Club: 16 km from the resort
Mochos Village: 14 km from the resort
Krasi Village: 14 km from the resort
Archanes Village: 48 km from the resort
Herakleion: 37 km from the resort
Rethymnon: 113 km from the resort
Chania: 173 km from the resort
Phaestos: 92 km from the resort
Gortyna: 86 km from the resort
Matala: 99 km from the resort
Cretaquarium: 23 km from the resort

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