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Key to Cretan Malia Park’s identity is its commitment to sustainability — a crucial philosophy
that has been woven into the hotel’s DNA since its establishment a quarter century ago.

Enveloped by lush greenery, this boutique style resort with its sleek design is tucked
away within nature and caters to discerning and affluent travelers.

Our commitment to environmental conservation sets this eco-friendly haven apart
making it a truly unique destination. Discover experiences that reinvent Cretan
Hospitality and honor Mediterranean Responsible Living.


Our people reflect who we are at our core. They embody our values with a professional, heartfelt and warm approach, staying true to our roots, Crete’s history, traditions and soul. This way we offer a truthful experience to our guests.

Our activities include:

  • Organic Kitchen Garden Tours
  • Hotel Garden Tours
  • Raki Distillation Event
  • Grape Stomping
  • Klidonas
  • Cretan Lyra Evenings

Our values are embodied in our behavior. We actively engage in reducing our environmental impact, ensuring our guests and people satisfaction and wellbeing. Our resorts are operated with a commitment to the certifications of ISO14001, ISO9001, Travelife and HACCP.

Our activities include:

  • Efficient management of natural resources: water and energy
  • Waste Management (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle)
  • Safe chemical management
  • Sustainable Landscape through no use of synthetic pesticides
  • Organic farming and Biodiversity enhancement within the surroundings of the resort

We believe in operating in favor of the local communities. We support local employment and purchases and actively engage in community service. Through our guest events and kids ‘activities we promote local customs, stories and products of the area.

Our Sustainability awareness activities are:

  • Clean up the Med & Med SOS Clean Up actions
  • The Cat Café, a designated area for caring for local stray cats. Purified water, food and shelter are provided for our furry friends, and we also neuter and sterilize them.
  • Tree Planting
  • Land and Marine Experiences for kids
  • Garden Tours (Taste our Organic vegetables and learn the native Cretan Vegetation)
  • Grape Stomping & Raki Distillation Event
  • Klidonas, one of the biggest summer festivals of Greek tradition, accompanied by the traditional custom of burning the flower wreaths of May and passing over the fires
  • Cretan Lyra Evenings

Cretan Diet as the basis of the famous Mediterranean diet inspires all our concepts. Handpicked organic, fresh vegetables from our own gardens and seasonal, local produce is a highlight in all our restaurants. This concept is translated into health benefits for our guests and the earth.

The concept is promoted through the following activities :

  • The Cretan Soul Event
  • The Mouries Cretan restaurant
  • Buffet Cretan Corner
  • Greek Breakfast Certified – Promoting Cretan Products and Recipes
  • Main Buffet daily specialty with handpicked produce from the organic kitchen garden
  • Daily Vegetarian & Vegan dishes in buffet
  • Cretan Cuisine Cooking Lessons
  • Sustainable indigenous Wine and Olive Oil Tasting
  • Local Beer Tastings

Our design and architecture are a product of the careful study of the island’s history, nature and materials. Inspired by the surroundings,
we try to use sustainable materials with a preference to those that are locally sourced and recyclable.

Cretan Malia Park is proud to be placed amongst the most environmentally friendly hotels worldwide with various awards, including the Travelife Environmental Gold Award and the Blue Flag for our beautiful private beach and the TUI Umwelt Champion Award, awarded to the resort since 1997. We are delighted by the international recognition of our high environmental standards; below are just some examples of our sustainable practices.
The Green Key Eco-Label 2020-2021

We’re very proud to have received the Green Key eco-label, as an environmental friendly, sustainable and responsible business!

The Green Key eco-label for tourism and leisure establishments, is awarded to businesses that fulfill a list of strict environmental requirements.

Obtaining the Green Key demonstrates our commitment to Sustainability; please read more. 

TUI Awards 2020

We are extremely proud to be awarded with three prestigious
awards of TUI for 2020; TUI Holly, TUI Top Quality
and TUI Environmental Award!

The TUI Holly is the highest accolade that can be accorded
a TUI Hotel, the premium prize for the 100 most popular
TUI hotels worldwide. It stands for everything that makes
a TUI holiday perfect: Great attention to detail, superb
service and outstanding cuisine.

The TUI Top Quality is besides TUI Holly the prestigious
award for TUI’s best hotels. All hotels with this accolade earned
the highest ratings in our guest survey and scored at least
8.7 out of 10 possible points. The TUI Top Quality signet
highlights the most popular holiday hotels.

The TUI Environmental Champion is awarded to hotels
who are particularly committed to the protection of the
environment and socially responsible management, as
Cretan Malia Park is. Read more about our sustainable practices here.

Blue Flag

The iconic Blue Flag is one of the world’s most recognized
voluntary eco-labels awarded to Cretan Malia Park’s beach
since 1992 for its sustainable tourism operation.

Travelife Gold Award 2019

We’re proud to announce that we’ve received for one more year
the Travelife Gold Certification, for demonstrating our
commitment to sustainability.

Our activities include:

• Protecting the environment
• Respecting and treating our employees fairly
• Respecting the local community, including
its residents and the safeguard of children
• Protecting the local culture, heritage
and wildlife of the destination
• Supporting the local economy and its businesses

Be part of the Mediterranean Responsible Living

Looking to the future, the hotel continues its industry leading efforts on sustainability with several initiatives. A drive to build on Cretan Malia Park’s existing low plastic environment will ramped up in an aim to achieve plastic free operations starting with the single use plastic products that will be integrated over the next three years, while certified sustainable landscape management will improve soil health, clean the air and water, and increase energy efficiency. These ambitions sit alongside a push to create a bee friendly hotel, which will see ongoing cooperation with local beekeepers, a ban on GMOs and compliance with EU banned pesticides. In addition, staff who farm in the low season will be further supported and encouraged to collaborate with the hotel where possible for a whole new take on the term ‘farm to table’.

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