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The Cretan Earth Yoga & Meditation Retreat

We welcome you to Cretan Malia Park on the island of Crete – a harmonious place, where energy is so pure, and time seems to stand still.

Crete is considered one of the most healing places in the world, and no resort takes more advantage of a stunning natural setting than Cretan Malia Park. The design & architecture are breathtaking, seeming to grow out of the ground from  the hotel’s surrounding nature of swaying palming trees, Malia’s bananas, fig trees and olive groves. The spacious, eco-sensitive rooms have wonderful sea or garden views, and all the modern comforts for a carefree vacation.


9 & 10 September 2023

“Let the soul restore and return into balance in a place that radiates a harmonizing and healing energy that our soul desperately needs in this hectic time.”

The Cretan Earth Yoga & Meditation Retreat is a lovely mix of yoga, meditation, relaxation and shared experiences to revitalize and restore your inner balance through a practice that will enhance the mind, nourish the soul, and give you every reason you need to celebrate life.

Find your flow and harness balance during a 2-day immersive yoga & meditation workshop, complemented by a book reading & cooking lesson event, led by multi-talented author, speaker, and coach, Agapi Kefalogianni.
9:00 - 10:00
Morning Yoga & Guided Meditation

Disconnect with an early-morning Fresh & Tone Full body Yoga session followed by a Grace & Gratitude Meditation at the resort's Yoga pavilion. Simply being around our gardens’ exhilarating, vivacious presence is a revitalizing retreat in and of itself.
19:00 – 20:00
Sunset Yoga & Meditation By The Sea

The day finishes with a Calming Down Yoga session and Blissful Sunset Meditation by the sea optional workshops to reflect and recoup in the afternoons with restorative exercise.
9:00 - 10:00
Morning Yoga & Guided Meditation

Decompress with the Strength & Balance Yoga Glow session followed by a Blissful Morning Meditation. A perfect workout for all levels and ages.
15:30 – 18:30
Pie-making & Book Reading

Gather for an intimate pie-making session at our Bostani, making the most of the bounty from the seasonal harvest. Reap the benefits of an even closer-knit community experience, during a book reading by Agapi, narrating wonderful fragments from her recently released book “August Fifteenth” - a journal of vintage, childhood memories from her summertime on Crete.

Capacity is limited

The evening workshops are optionally available; participants to the workshop may opt in or out, upon their preference.

The morning & evening workshops are concluded with a refreshing finale of an assortment of organic coffee, herbal teas, fruit-infused waters and natural juices available.

Agapi was born and raised in Crete. Her career background is in social studies with a Masters degree in Mass Communications. After completing her studies in the UK, she entered the media world and has since become a TV programming professional. Her most creative side has always found expression within the art of dance, through ballet.
She is a certified yoga teacher, a Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD) and ISTD Modern Theater Dance Branch graduate. She holds a Reiki diploma and practices meditation daily.
Agapi wrote her first little book of childhood stories “ August Fifteenth” during 2019. She lives in Athens with her family and always enjoys Crete during summer!

ABOUT August fifteenth
Explore, taste and feel the carefreeness of vintage summer days in a small family village in the island of Crete during the 1980s. Inspiring, joyful and nostalgic this little book of stories transports the reader to the easy and relaxing family summer days underlining Cretan tradition and the ethics of the era, through the eyes and youthful impulses of a 12 year old girl.
Smell the figs, lose your breath skidding down rural farmers paths and feel the mountain breeze. Bake bread, or welcome the guests and become part of the big feast preparations. Or secretly maybe fall in love. Mostly daydream and connect with the big boisterous family soirees surrounded with all kinds of stories, fresh fruit and iced home- made raki.”
“August Fifteenth” is a journal of daily summer moments in rural Crete accompanied with colorful drawings, leaving free space for mind wondering and day dreaming.

The perfect bedside book to guarantee a night of sweet dreams.

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