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Welcome back to our resort

Our boutique-style resort is inextricably linked to the island of Crete.

Stretching across 38 acres, the resort spreads in a series of low-rise structures that crawl towards the neighboring sea.
Guestrooms, Bungalows & Suites, dotted around Mediterranean garden of endemic flora – palm trees, endless cacti, Indian figs and
local banana trees – leading to its impressive, long, sandy beach with sparkling-blue waters.

All of our rooms open up to extended verandas, many of them with their own sunbeds or private access to the river-shaped pool
and all with beautiful views to the Aegean Sea. Airy and spacious are the epitome of a Mediterranean getaway.
Guests can move around any area by foot, strolling around the scented gardens. Restaurants feature open air seating and
offer a relaxed and summery vibe with exquisite, fresh, celebrated food.

Our commitment to you

Dear Friends,

We have missed you at Cretan Malia Park over the last couple of months and look forward to welcoming you back!

We have all come together to ensure that what you have loved about the Greek summer, the authentic Cretan hospitality and life at Cretan Malia Park remains unchanged.

Here in Crete, the sun is shining, the sea and sky have this beautiful hue of blue that we all know so well, and the abundant olive-groves and verdant vineyards await to be explored. Whether you want to relax and take in the fresh sea air, indulge in some traditional Cretan cuisine, or crave for adventure, we are fortunate to have in our spacious island and await for you to discover.

Our commitment to you is clear: to welcome you in a safe sanctuary and to celebrate the ethos of the Greek summer, together. Please take a moment to read our protocol.

We are counting down the days to welcome you again!

Take care,

Agapi & Costantza Sbokou
co-CEOs Phāea Resorts

Why Crete Now

Temperature: 35°C high; 18°C low | Season: spring – summer – autumn

Access: benefit from numerous non-stop direct flights from European cities to Heraklion airport

Holidays may feel a little bit different this year, so however you choose to spend it,  we want to provide you with a whole lot of confidence as you make your travel plans.

Greece has been recognized as one of the few countries in the world that has successfully handled the Covid-19 pandemic, achieving low rates of infections. And Crete, Greece’s biggest island, is considered a green zone area, due to the even lower rates, the high number of available hospitals and intensive care units; as well as accessibility.

Greece’s story did not go unnoticed by major media worldwide, including Bloomberg, CNN, The Telegraph and Condé Nast Traveller.

As one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean, Crete is loved for its captivating natural beauty, famous for its long breath-takingly beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, its villages and scenic routes leading to impressive gorges, sun-kissed olive groves and verdant vineyards; a landscape that you’ll find yourself craving to explore. Its history and sites are world-renowned and this summer, more than ever, it is time to explore the routes of our civilization.

There is ample space in Crete and so much to explore during a long holiday this summer; a holiday we all need so much.

Crete. A whole world on a single island

Located on the edge of Crete’s north east coastal town of Malia, Cretan Malia Park is ideally situated for the island’s most picturesque charms.

A beachside location spot buttressed by rugged mountains; the locale presents a well-placed base camp from
which to explore the island — or to simply bask in the beauty of this corner of Crete. The birthplace of the Minoans, and
the father of both gods and men, Zeus, Crete’s present-day facade is inextricably entrenched in its storied history;
a synergy evidenced routinely across Malia and beyond.

Cretan Malia Park is a 30-minute drive from the island’s capital, Heraklion, and Heraklion International Airport,
and a 35-minute drive from Heraklion port. The island’s busiest hub, the capital offers numerous landmarks and points of exploration
for culture seekers, including the famed Museum of Heraklion, with its depth of archaeological artefacts and antiquities that chronical both Minoan civilization and Greek history.
Closer to home, the ruins of the Minoan Palace and the archaeological site of Malia are located just under two kilometres from the hotel,
an easy and enjoyable walk for our guests, while traditional villages like Panagia Kera, with its cobbled streets and historic
Medieval churches make for exciting daytime excursions.

For a more in-depth exploration of the island’s past, the island of Spinalonga, situated in the Gulf of Elounda, offers a sobering glimpse
into the history of Crete. A former leper colony, the island is a short boat ride from Cretan Malia Park’s sister hotel, Blue Palace, through which outings can be arranged on the hotel’s own jetty.

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