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Summer 2021

This summer season, Cretan Malia Park is the epicenter of authenticity for today’s modern traveler showcasing Crete’s rich heritage and storied soulful, experiences. 

New Normality Protocol



Three new room options debut in time for the height of the summer season. The brand-new Signature Room & Signature Bungalow Garden will marvel guests with  spacious, bright and comfortable sleeping and lounging areas, high design elements and never-ending views of Cretan Malia’s most iconic settings. An enviable assortment of Signature Amenities ensures outstanding style and service including a healthy-stocked mini bar, a selection of micro-brewery beers, Nespresso coffee, a personal pantry of Cretan welcome snacks and branded summer accessories. Breakfast is served in an intimate setting at Mouries Cretan Restaurant, which features a medley of Cretan dishes invoking the spirit and culture of the island.

The new Two Bedroom Suite is designed for friends and families to recline and unwind at their own pace, providing the perfect base for a stay in Crete. With homey comforts and room to spare, everyone can easily enjoy each other’s company or seek out a moment of solitude.


This season’s highlights include the Phāea Farmers Program, designed to support resort staff who work as farmers in low season. Through collaborations with agronomists, the farmers are trained in organic farming methods and sustainable land use. Ultimately the program is creating more value and quality production and the resort can source the highest quality local produce for use in the kitchens.

The program benefits not only the seasonal farming staff, but the local community’s health, environment, and economy, as well. The farmers are able to increase their annual income and contribute to region’s wider economy and training in sustainable land use benefits the soil and discourages the use of dangerous pesticides and chemicals. These efforts ultimately offer our guests fresh products that are authentically local, nutritious and environmentally friendly. Guests can feel confident about sitting down to a meal knowing where the food is from and its positive impact on the land, destination, and culture.

A variety of products are produced including aloe, grapes, wine, herbs, honey, fruits (apples, pears, strawberries, bananas, citrus (orange, lemons, mandarins), olives, olive oil, seasonal vegetables (tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, eggplants, potatoes), dairy products, and raki, a traditional, Cretan grape-based spirit.

This year, our guests will have the opportunity to also taste our very own Phāea Olive-Oil, sourced to our kitchens and restaurants.

Family Spirit

With its bohemian charm and strong family spirit, Cretan Malia is an ideal home-base for a family holiday. The dedicated family accommodation offers a welcoming ambiance and well-appointed spaces, with flexible options catering to everyone.

At The Little Explorers Kids’ Club, highly qualified staff oversees the kids’ and teens programs with enthusiasm and kindness. The Kids Club features a test kitchen, performance space, play area, playground, and a hut for quiet reading. There is also an organic garden where kids can participate in the property’s green program and activities to learn about bees. Top notch babysitting services are also available.

For teenagers, there is The Place, located next to the tennis and basketball half court. There is a large water tub and hammocks for playtime and downtime. Teens can enjoy table tennis, billiards and darts, and a curated program of teen-friendly activities by day, and outdoor film screenings by night.


Stepping away from everyday life to find peace and tranquility is rightly no longer seen as an indulgence; it is a necessity in our fast-paced world.
Our Retreats welcome guests from all walks of life – to come and train their body, explore their soul, meet new like-minded friends and enjoy a wellness experience like no other. Embrace personal wellness in a setting of healing natural beauty. The combination of fitness activities, calisthenics workouts, yoga, meditation & Pilates sessions and laid-back holiday vibe, stylish accommodation and incredible food provides the opportunity to really press pause, to recharge, and to re-energize.

Think of Our Retreats as a vacation for the soul. And there’s no better way to kick-start a healthier existence than an adventure with Our Retreats.

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