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Crete is at the heart of Cretan Malia Park’s concept and an expression of our love for the island, so you will find
yourself surrounded by its history, memories and a hint of tradition in a passionate display of life and culture.

The resort offers curated and soulful experiences and events with a distinctive Cretan character, infusing the best of local
culture and nature. Discover a blend of the traditional and the modern; dive into the island’s heritage and indulge
in delicious specialties, tasting favorite flavors, locally produced olive oil and wines and authentic dishes.


We invite you to experience the intriguing libations of the award-winning mixologist Aristotelis Papadopoulos, with our Strawberry Moon Cocktail Masterclass.  Appreciate the fine art of mixology over his exclusive one-day event, on 24 June, with a drinks’ menu featuring a host of exceptional cocktails inspired by June’s Strawberry Full Moon. The event is hosted at Cretan Malia’s Lobby Bar; a retro-chic spot where mingling is not only facilitated, it is encouraged.

June 24th, at 4pm, The Lobby Bar

When winding down for the day, enjoy our Strawberry Moon Night Party, with an immaculate presentation of full-moon-theme inspired cocktails – like a refreshing Strawberry Lemonade or a Spicy Strawberry Margarita – which guests can enjoy as they dance the night away under the full moon’s skyglow, with the tunes of our Guest DJ MIRO.

June 24th, at 9pm, The Lobby Bar


Inspiring your senses with immersive experiences, local wines and culinary wonders, steeped in Cretan tradition. This is your chance to enjoy hands-on Cretan cooking lessons while staying in Cretan Malia Park. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to discover the secrets of Cretan cooking in true traditional style and have fun doing it.

Our one-of-a-kind Cretan Soul Event takes place every Friday at the outdoor area of Mouries. There, the large outdoor kitchen island of the restaurant serves as a communal table for guest to participate in the cooking lessons and indulge themselves in the unique Cretan Soul Event. The resort offers a truly authentic dining experience, focusing on traditional Cretan dishes and recipes, all made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, hand-picked from the resort’s Organic Kitchen Garden.

Fridays, starting at 11:15am
Meeting point: Lobby

Cretan Malia Park – Garden Overview

A new entertainment program, brings new life to your evenings.
Spirits are lifted with the vibes of live violin,
piano or saxophone music & guest DJ sessions.
Greek & Cretan music are still on, performed by local artists.

Daily, starting at 7:30pm
Meeting point: Lobby

391 – Cretan Feast-1

Wine tasting in Crete is just a sip away. Come taste the local wines inspired by the bounty of the island that capture the playful spirit of this Cretan paradise. Special wine appreciation events are organized in order to showcase and promote Crete’s indigenous grape varieties. In doing so, we also support local wine producers who practice sustainable cultivation, as part of the Futouris project for Sustainable Viticulture. Come and join us on one of these occasions and get acquainted with Crete’s most iconic varieties, Plyto, Dafni, Vilana, Mandilari and Kotsifali. Savor them with delicious local cheeses pairings, including Tirozouli, Anthotiros, Xynomizithra, Mizithra, and Gruyere – a gourmet immersion into the flavors and aromas of Crete.

*A nominal fee applies, which is then donated to local charity to promote Children Wellbeing.

**The event takes place every two weeks, please contact us in advance to see if there’s a scheduled event during your stay at the resort.

277 Wine Tasting – Mouries-1

Said to be the liquid gold and key ingredient of the Cretan Mediterranean Diet, olive oil is a significant source of energy and nutrients that plays an important role for our health. With an ever-growing popularity amongst food lovers, a good quality olive oil can be enjoyed as much as a glass of expensive wine. All you need is the perfect place to have a taste! Indulge in the richness and complexity of olive oil produced in Crete with a unique Cretan Olive Oil Experience. Cretan Malia Park has been organizing olive oil tastings in cooperation with olive-oil producers from the Agricultural Cooperative of Kritsa village.

*The event takes place every two weeks, please contact us in advance to see if there’s a scheduled event during your stay at the resort.

Cretan Malia Park – Olive Oil Tasting1

The beautiful Mediterranean island of Crete entices visitors with its laidback charm and enviable climate. The island offers something for everybody, with its celebrated wine and food heritage, renowned hospitality, rich history and fascinating culture. Guests love exploring the local towns and villages, not to mention partaking in Crete’s many festivals and traditional events, such as Cretan Lyra Evenings, Grape Stomping, Raki Spirit Distillation and Klidonas. These events and festivities stay true to the local customs and heritage of the island and enrich the present day experience. Go beneath the surface of the destination and approach it through the view point of its local residents. So, come and experience true Crete for yourself and be immersed into the authentic Cretan culture!


Experience the traditional food and tastes of Cretan cuisine and discover its secrets by taking part at our cooking classes with our Executive Chef. Indulge in a truly unique garden-to-plate dining experience. And ceate delicious, seasonal dishes using garden-fresh ingredients and locally sourced produce.

343 – Mouries Restaurant-1

The open-air cinema at The Place shows films after dark three nights a week. Classic and contemporary films like Mamma Mia & Harry Potter… to be discovered and rediscovered by the light of the moon.

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