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The beauty of Crete’s nature and the local flora are reflected in the outdoor spaces of our environmentally conscious resort.
Cretan Malia Park spreads amongst beautiful gardens which were meticulously planted over the last 40 years.
Benefiting from Malia’s fertile clay-colored soil and excellent climate, the gardens flourish with fragrant flowers, local aromatic
herbs and indigenous plants; locusts, mulberries, fig and banana trees draft the med-exotic natural landscape.
Tall palm trees – a common tree on Europe’s southmost island – from an impressive pathway to the entrance. The rocky cactuses’
garden by the Almyra restaurant, featuring the common-to-the island Indian figs and an array of succulent plants with different
textures, size and flowering, bring in images of the steep slopes and cliffs of the island. Malia is well-known all-around Greece
for the local bananas production. Smaller in size and extremely aromatic fruits grow on the resort’s banana trees.

A deep-pink colored bougainvillea ornaments the entrance of the resort, while two aged olive trees planted at the entrance round-about,
offer a heartfelt welcome to guests. Olive trees here are very much associated to the Cretan spirit; they grow by the sea, under the intense
Cretan sun, on the island’s fertile soils are strongly linked to the unruly and upstanding, yet kind and wise Cretan soul.

As part of our dedicated to the Mediterranean Responsible Living and regeneration practices, a conscious effort has been made
in the last 2 years to replace any non-endemic plants and trees with native to the eastern part of the island species.

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